Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's our most sleep deprived episode yet!

In this episode:
-News: Upstalk, The Spaces Between, & Order and Chaos
-How to handle Account Siphon
-From the desk of Elizabeth Mills: Bad Publicity
-Retrieval Run: Successful Demonstration

Twitter: @anrflatline

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Episode 2: Did he just flatline Jinteki? is live!

Episode two is finally here. Who would have thought a medicine degree would leave me with little time for editing? This month we're joined by special guest and regional champion, Phil Chan.

In this episode:

News: Netrunner art sleeves and two new datapacks.
Regionals: All about the Victorian regionals and how we fared in them.
Retrieval Run: Guest's choice this week, we talk about Precognition.

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Glasgow Netrunners, catch up with Phil when he returns via

Check out Phil's corp and runner decklists, as well as runner up Liam's corp and runner on NetrunnerDB.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Flatline!: Episode 1

We're very excited to launch the first episode of our new podcast, available on iTunes or directly from PodBean. We're hoping to find our place among the many excellent Android Netrunner podcasts. Like any new venture we've had a few hiccups, primarily some issues with background noise, but we should have those sorted for episode 2.

In this episode:
  • Meet the cast: A little about the people bringing you this podcast
  • Netrunner news: Upstalk, double-elimination, Chronos Protocol
  • Hono(u)r & Profit: We discuss the impact H&P is having so far.
  • Retrieval Run: A segment where we dig up and old card you may have overlooked or forgotten about.
  • And we whinge about shipping to Australia throughout.

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